Beautiful science
for beautiful skin

The result of over 50 years’ experience in luxury skin care, thousands of conversations with discerning and diverse women the world over and discoveries made throughout Switzerland, France, Africa, Mexico and North America— Biosheer is designed to meet, and exceed, the meticulous standards set by the industry and, more importantly, our customers.

Discover the Beauty of Science

with integrity

We commit to using only the highest quality ingredients and you’ll find each and every Biosheer product is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colours, fillers and toxins.

A glance at our
key, industry-leading ingredients

You’ll find the full list of specialized ingredients on each product page.

  • Swiss apple stem cell extract

    Abundantly rich in nutrients, protein and long-living cells, our innovatively formulated extract restores your youthful vitality by forming a barrier between your skin, and the visible signs of aging.

  • DST-10 stem cell technology

    Exclusively developed and used by Biosheer, DST-10 produces a powerful anti-wrinkle effect by restoring collagen levels and delivers extraordinary anti-aging benefits by protecting against negative environmental factors such as UV radiation.

  • Hyaluronic acid

    Natural and pure, hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water. This extraordinary ability helps your skin retain moisture at its surface—but also stores it to prevent dryness as the day goes on, keeping your skin velvety-soft and supple.

  • Natural Glucosamine

    Stimulating hyaluronic acid synthesis, glucosamine enhances hydration and gives your skin a firmer, plumper appearance while reducing wrinkles.

Process with purpose

From research and development, to trials and testing, to packaging and shipping, we will always extend the utmost care and respect to our customers, employees, communities and the environment. Our boards, papers and plastics are happily recycled, and any residual wastewater is promptly and properly collected and disposed of.

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